Squirrel Cage Jail



Squirrel Cage Jail

The Prison was constructed in 1885 and also remained in continual usage till 1969. It was obtained by the Council Bluffs Park Board in 1971 for conservation, and was called to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972 by the USA Government. The Historical Society led an effort in 1977 to save the prison, as well as today owns and operates the facility.

The style and size makes it a distinctive framework. It was one of 18 rotating prisons developed. It is the only one with 3 floors developed. Built at a cost of concerning $30,000, our one-of-a-kind jail has 3 floors of rotating pie-shaped cells inside a cage. The front of the structure had workplaces for the correctional officer, cooking area, trustee cells, and quarters for ladies.

The design was the development of W.H. Brown and B.F. Haugh, of Indianapolis, Indiana. A patent given on July 12, 1881, proclaimed, “The things of our creation is to produce a jail in which prisoners can be managed without the need of personal call in between them and the corrections officer.” It was to give “maximum protection with minimum correctional officer interest.” As one deputy placed it, “If a correctional officer can count … and he had a dependable he can rely on … he can regulate the prison”.

The cell area stays much as it carried out in 1969 when it was nearby the county. The trademarks and days of many of its’ well known detainees stay scraped in the cell wall surfaces. It stays a well brought back snapshot of an appealing era of our society.
Today, just 3 revolving jails continue to be: a one-story framework in Gallatin, Missouri; a two-story prison in Crawfordsville, Indiana; and also the special three-story jail right here. All three are maintained as galleries.

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