Springfield Art Museum 


The Springfield Art Museum is the city’s oldest cultural institution determined on continuing the legacy of art preservation, education, and appreciation that started with the dedication and vision of that special group of women.

In 1928, the group successfully incorporated as the Springfield Art Museum and quickly presented Springfield to traveling exhibits from Philadelphia, St. Louis, New York and more. In 1946, the Art Study Club deeded the museum to the city.

Museum Growth

As a city department, the Springfield Art Museum continued to flourish and find its permanent residence in Phelps Grove Park with the largest gallery devoted to Ms. Weisel.

Currently, the Springfield Art Museum continues to honor the legacy of the Art Study Group by expanding community outreach and familiarizing people of all ages to the wonder, beauty, and imagination of art. The staff is completely devoted to the Museum’s mission.

Mission, Values & Vision

The Springfield Art Museum is devoted to enriching the cultural heritage of Missouri natives with the preservation, exhibition, and collection of art objects. The museum is the steward of the community’s most loved cultural treasures, and the future of the museum and its programs continue to be more positive than ever.

Strategic Plan & 30-Year Master Plan

In 2014, the Springfield Art Museum started a grand strategic plan. It is based on five chief areas of growth like 1) Visibility & External Relations, 2) Collections Management, 3) Building & Grounds, 4) Audience Experience and 5) Financial Growth.

Slow Viewing Nights

Dedicate an hour of your time to explore a piece of art. 

Spend one hour with one work of art once a month at slow viewing night. The Museum feels art is for everyone and interpretation is something anyone can do. Slow viewing nights are a practice of collaborative interpretation. Every month, people come together in front of an art piece and come to a united understanding of the work by sharing questions, observations, and suggestions.

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