One-Day President

One-Day President


If you wish to see a statue of the man who serve as head of state of the US for simply someday, directly over to Plattsburg, Missouri. Whatever his abilities as a legal representative and statesman, David Rice Atchison will consistently be referred to as the individual served as US president for only 24 hours.

Atchison worked as a US legislator from 1843 to 1855. As President pro tempore of the Senate, on March 4, 1849, Atchison was pushed into the president seat. Polk’s term had actually finished, but Taylor chose not to be vouched in on a Sunday. That, theoretically, left Atchison in charge for 24 Hr up until the ceremonies can occur.

Some scholars assert that Taylor automatically ended up being Head of state when Polk left workplace, bypassing Atchison; others state that America simply had no President for a day. But do not inform that to the residents of Plattsburg! A sculpture honoring the community’s favored son stands in front of city hall on a high stand. It’s a regular political leader bronze, or even though it was splashed with mustardy yellow spots throughout our browse through, it’s clear that Atchison’s house town boasts of what he attained, also if it was unintentional and quick.

Who knows what Atchison could have achieved with a little even more time as President of the United States. His influence on the Republic during his moment in workplace was very little, as he reportedly spent the majority of his big day asleep. Either way, this is one attraction that is a must see.

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