Best Barbecue in Kansas City (Part II)


Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue

You’ll find the best BBQ in your life at Fiorella’s.

You know, it’s difficult to play favorites here, but plenty of places you could look to this one at #1 up close. We’re not here to throw up in the face of conventional flavor wisdom. Jack Stack is excellent. While there are a couple of locations, you really must visit the Freight House, where 25-foot ceilings in an old freight yard are accompanied by mood lighting… and some of the best BBQ of your life.

Like everywhere else in KC, the burnt ends are excellent, but the tangy sauce that will drench all on your plate is so amazing you’ll be licking your fingers. As for sides, the fries, cheesy corn, BBQ shrimp and cornbread are all equally fabulous.


There’s a reason Joe’s is on the list of the best barbecue spots in the nation. It’s a BBQ joint situated inside a gas station. If that’s not for you, you’re gonna miss out on the best midwestern meal you can ever imagine. The menu here is divided into meat and “other stuff.” Both are highly recommended.

Most of the complete barbecue dinners are based on availability. Therefore, it’s best to show up at Joe’s with no plans but a belly that must be filled. Also, be ready to wait. You’re encouraged to wolf down your food and then move out of the way for the next guests.


A formidable newcomer to a scene rich with heritage
Established only four years ago, Q39 uses techniques classically-trained chef/owner Rob Magee perfected while on the competitive barbecue circuit. The wood fire grill and smoker fired at every meal ensures that you’re getting the freshest meats.

And the meats, they are a plenty. Top-quality plates piled high with ribs are just a portion of what you need to be ready for. The sausages are some of the best in the city, and the chicken is quite impressive.


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