Best Barbecue in Kansas City (Part I)

Kansas City has some amazing BBQ for you to try.

Kansas City has come into its own as an oasis for culture and entertainment, rivaling the Austins and Chicagos of the US. But that’s a current development. The one thing KC has had On Lockdown for over a hundred years is its barbecue, the best in the nation.

See, KC will put barbecue sauce on anything. Though, you won’t find those more gamey meats in any BBQ joints here.

Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque

A concentrated menu with roots that goes back to KC’s BBQ forefathers
Bryant? Of the Kansas City Bryants? Yes. This is one of those elite lineage sites. With a history going back to Henry Perry himself, it’s a true cornerstone of the KC BBQ story. The sauces come original or rich & spicy and the portions are plentiful.

Lucky for you, choices here are very streamlined. There are ribs, six types of meat, fries, onion rings, and some choices for the children. Throw a dart at the menu and chances are you’ll be pleased with what you’re taking home. They’re also so proud of their white bread that you can just buy a loaf of it. It’s really worth it.

Gates Bar-B-Q

Like you’ve snuck into someone’s kitchen
Masterpiece KC sacrificed quality with their decision to mass-produce their sauce, but Gates has been selling numerous rubs and sauces since the 70s and it has only increased their business. With locations all over the city, Gates is the BBQ of the people, for the people.

You can at any time stroll in and grab a serious family-style platter with thinly shaved beef atop white bread with your choice of sauces going from mild to sweet to hot. There’s a universal nature to Gates, which is why the walls are covered in photos of world leaders coming by to eat.

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