Hello, it’s Bobby here, and I am all about Missouri. This state is a wonderful place to visit, with friendly people and beautiful places to see. Missouri is the “show me state,” and we put our money where our mouths is.

Usually, when folks think of a vacation, they don’t think about the Midwest. Well, I am here to tell you…think again. I am telling you, you will not find a better plan to relax and unwind that doesn’t cost a fortune like some other well-known places. Whether you want a quick getaway, or you want a city to spend your long overdue vacation, you’ve come to the right place.

Mizzou is one bad place, and I mean that in a good way. Come check us out, and if you need any info on some hotspots that only the natives know about, keep reading my blog.

Anyway, welcome to Missouri!



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Worlds of Fun

Worlds of Fun


Worlds of Fun is an amusement park in Kansas City, Missouri. It has been in existence since 1973 and is owned by Cedar Exhibition, which bought the park from Mid-America Enterprises in 1995. Admission to Worlds of Fun consists of accessibility to Seas of Fun, a theme park adjacent to the amusement park.

Worlds of Fun is the Ultimate Overview of Kansas City’s Theme Park. Globes of Enjoyable was constructed by Search Midwest and opened up for the very first time on Could 26, 1973. Worlds of Enjoyable was developed by Hollywood Fine art Supervisor transformed famous theme park developer, Randall Duell, likewise well-known for making the design of Six Flags over Texas as well as both Great America parks. Globes of Enjoyable is themed “All Over the world in 80 Days.”

In June 1995, the park was purchased by Cedar Exhibition L.P. who presently possesses and also runs the park. In November 2007, Around the World noted its 10th Anniversary online and continuous to be one of the park’s most famous attractions.

The very best deal on tickets is online. You will save large off the Front Entrance price when you buy your tickets ahead of time. With your admission ticket, you get access right into both Worlds of Fun and also Seas of Fun!

Worlds of Fun is for every person. Worlds of Fun is for you. Visitors with impairments must drop in Visitor Relations after arrival at the park as well as describe our Visitor Aid Guide for information concerning park and trip availability.

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Grant’s Farm

Grant’s Farm


Grant’s Farm is a historical farm as well as long-standing spots in St. Louis, Missouri. The property went to one time had by Ulysses S. Grant as well as prior to that, by the Damage family members. It is now owned and operated by the Busch household, that owned and operated the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Firm for years up until it was offered to in 2008. Grant’s Ranch has been a pet reserve for years and is open to the public free of charge; nevertheless, there is an auto parking charge of $12 each vehicle.
This charge aids to sustain the ranch. The ranch is the home of many animals as well as the famous Budweiser Clydesdales. The majority of these pets could be seen by site visitors on a cable car excursion, while the Clydesdales are found in their nearby barn as well as meadows. The ranch likewise consists of a cabin called “Hardscrabble,” which was built by Ulysses S. Grant. It is the only continuing to be structure that was hand-built by an U.S. head of state before assuming workplace.
Additionally on the farm is the Busch household estate, and a home in which Ulysses S. Grant stayed between the Mexican as well as Civil Wars– White Place. This had been his wife, Julia Grant’s, family residence. Frederick Dent, Julia’s papa, gave 80 acres of the farm to the couple as a wedding present. White Haven is currently a national historic website: the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Website, and also lies simply throughout the road from Grant’s Farm.

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Saint Louis Zoo

Saint Louis Zoo


The World’s Fair of 1904 in St. Louis offered a flight cage, courtesy of the Smithsonian. The residents of St. Louis wanted it to continue to be in the city once the Exhibition ended, and it would certainly later on come to be a cornerstone for the Zoo. St. Louis paid $3,500 (original price to develop was $17,500) rather than have it dismantled and sent to Washington, D.C
. The popularity of the bird cage throughout the Globe’s Fair motivated public leaders to construct an actual zoological garden in St. Louis. In November 1910, the Zoological Culture of St. Louis was developed. The creators developed the organization with the hope that a zoo would certainly make the city much more appealing for site visitors and homeowners alike.
The first enjoyment that bordered the development of the Zoological Society of St Louis soon discolored as it ended up being clear that developing a brand-new zoo in St. Louis had not been going to be as simple as the Culture’s founders imagined.

The objective is to preserve animals as well as their habitats via animal administration, research study, recreation, and also educational programs that encourage the assistance as well as improve the encounter of the general public. The care as well as protection of our pets, the conservation of their types as well as the conservation of the wild areas where they exist are the driving pressures of all business tasks.

Zoos deal with living creatures. At St Louis Zoo, they deal with an unbelievable variety of animals, from one-celled animals to elephants. Their study on behavior, reproductive biology, nourishment, pet wellness and genetics is beneficial to wild animals supervisors, area scientists as well as various other researchers.
For instance, the St Louis Zoo has actually been doing a bonding study with antelope and various other hoofed pets (mother and child) at Red Rocks for over 13 years. The information we’ve gathered– exactly how commonly when a types typically registered nurses, who initiates nursing, distance, cleaning, nuzzling– has actually given information to area scientists that would be difficult ahead by or else.

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Missouri Botanical Gardens

Missouri Botanical Gardens

CLM_CHI_lily pools_horz_adams


Established in 1859, the Missouri Botanical Garden is the nation’s earliest arboretum in constant procedure and also a National Historic Site.
The Yard is a facility for herb study and also science education, along with an oasis in the city of St. Louis. The Garden supplies 79 acres of gorgeous gardening screen, consisting of a 14-acre Japanese strolling yard, Henry Shaw’s original 1850 estate residence, and one of the globe’s biggest compilations of rare as well as endangered orchids.
For over 154 years, the Yard has actually been an oasis in the city, an area of beauty and also family enjoyable– as well as a facility for education, science, and also conservation.
The goal of this garden is motivate by the desire to shield and also save plants and also their ecological communities. We seek to motivate and educate all participants of our neighborhood region about the advantages of ecological guardians with liable and lasting usage of natural deposits.

In addition to the 79-acre Garden in south St. Louis, this garden has two various other properties outside the city limits.

The Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly Residence was founded in 1995 to enhance recognition of the organic environment where butterflies thrive. Mrs. Sachs had a wonder of discovery which she shared with youngsters of any ages. The Butterfly Home is called in honor of her generous spirit.

The Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit, Missouri, was founded in 1925 to safeguard the Missouri Botanical Garden’s plant compilation from the smoke pollution of the 1920’s. Although initially planned as a refuge, it has actually become a premier instructional, study, as well as environment reconstruction as well as reconstruction website.

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The Space Museum

The Space Museum


The Space Museum represents a comprehensive collection of over 600 world class artifacts.  The professional presentation recounts the story of mankind’s bold thrust into the “Final Frontier.”  You will experience a new sense of pride in what has been accomplished and a wonder and curiosity for what is yet to come!

The Space Museum in Bonne Terre, Missouri is one of the most unique museums of its kind in the mid-west regions. The museum is located in the quaint city of Bonne Terre, about 60 miles south of St Louis. Situated along East School Street, the Space Museum lies in the heart of downtown Bonne Terre.  Visitors to the museum will be within walking distance from the city’s restaurants, shops, and other attractions on Benham Street and Main Street. For example, the Bonne Terre Mine Tours office is located right across the Space Museum. The tours offer unforgettable adventures deep in the underground historic mines of the area. In fact, there is even diving available in the mine caves, a truly unique activity that is hard to find anywhere else in the country.

The Space Museum offers various changing exhibitions related to the history, present, and future of space exploration. Most of the exhibitions consist of artifacts, photographs, paper documents, as well as digital presentations such as movies and videos. The fledgling museum recently opened its doors, and it is always looking for new donations, contributions, and any other assistance that will help it grow. Among its collection, one of the most impressive items in the museum is a flag that was brought from a Moon exploration mission, Apollo 17. This allows visitors to truly get a feeling for the outer space by viewing real items that have actually been there.


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Drive-Thru Caverns

Drive-Thru Caverns


Caverns have a difficult row to dig. Caverns are organic marvels, and also tourist attraction proprietors have to appreciate the charm sculpted by nature. At the exact same time, splendor can’t be appreciated without a means for individuals to actually see it. Most cave site visitors would certainly be inhibited by the possibility of crawling through muddy water.

As a long-standing traveler attraction, Fantastic Caverns attracts attention in the Springfield location, plainly featured on rental car maps and also in tourism literature. In reality, Bass Pro Shops gathers even more foot web traffic– but Bass Pro is actually a store camouflaged as a destination. Great Caverns is a timeless traveler attraction, with a formula that obviously still functions, with its big visitors facility, dynamic gift shop and tour teams.

The Fantastic Caverns beginning story: in 1867, after finding the entryway, the landowner looked for assistants to help him find out what he had under his building, and a group of twelve females showed up. After the preliminary expedition by the cavern gals, that located unblemished chambers with big, immaculate developments, the owner recognized he had something individuals would pay money to see.

Missouri is a state with greater than its share of caves– over 5,600– so Wonderful Caverns required something a little various. In 1961, the tours started with jeeps equipped with gas powered engines. The excursions were prominent, yet cavern wall surfaces don’t fare well versus automobile exhaust. “People really did not care a lot at that time,” said our overview. Fantastic Caverns have upgraded to jeeps in order to be eco-friendly.


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Titanic Museum

Titanic Museum


The 1912 sinking of the Titanic supplies a story that would lure any sort of tourism magnate. However unless you could money a fun-house/motion-master IMAX trip that puts numerous site visitors in the establishment of the tragedy– and also thus far no one has– you’re sunk. You might open up a museum of artifacts instead, yet that provides a trouble: a lot of the sea lining’s components wound up at the end of the North Atlantic.
In the late 1980s, John Whitman of Sidney, Ohio, aimed to navigate around this challenge by opening up a Titanic amusement park, which combined amusing diversions with a handful of artefacts. Whitman intended to develop a substantial replica of the ship (he owned and operated the original plans) as well as a phony Liverpool dock whereby site visitors could possibly wander. But his desires were premature, and without support from the community, or nearly any person else in Ohio, his tourist attraction folded up.
Then came the film in 1997, as well as all of a sudden the Titanic was a valuable. Two businessmen opened up Titanic: Ship of Dreams in a shopping center in Orlando. They sweetened their collection of Titanic things with things from Titanic’s sis ships, so that you can look at things that was almost identical to the stuff shed on the Titanic. They likewise significantly upped the “destination” stake by creating a replica of the ship’s Grand Stairs, and its link, and also by occupying the museum with actors dressed as the team.
Titanic is housed inside a half-scale replica of the front half of the ship. Principle drawings show it arising from a huge billboard on which is repainted the back fifty percent. That billboard hasn’t been built yet, so exactly what exists now goes over, if incomplete. Although the smokestacks stand 10 tales high, visible distant to vehicle drivers around Branson, do not anticipate to shed yourself in an exact reproduction of the RMS Titanic, where you could creep through the coal bunkers and also vibrate as much as the crow’s nest.

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One-Day President

One-Day President


If you wish to see a statue of the man who serve as head of state of the US for simply someday, directly over to Plattsburg, Missouri. Whatever his abilities as a legal representative and statesman, David Rice Atchison will consistently be referred to as the individual served as US president for only 24 hours.

Atchison worked as a US legislator from 1843 to 1855. As President pro tempore of the Senate, on March 4, 1849, Atchison was pushed into the president seat. Polk’s term had actually finished, but Taylor chose not to be vouched in on a Sunday. That, theoretically, left Atchison in charge for 24 Hr up until the ceremonies can occur.

Some scholars assert that Taylor automatically ended up being Head of state when Polk left workplace, bypassing Atchison; others state that America simply had no President for a day. But do not inform that to the residents of Plattsburg! A sculpture honoring the community’s favored son stands in front of city hall on a high stand. It’s a regular political leader bronze, or even though it was splashed with mustardy yellow spots throughout our browse through, it’s clear that Atchison’s house town boasts of what he attained, also if it was unintentional and quick.

Who knows what Atchison could have achieved with a little even more time as President of the United States. His influence on the Republic during his moment in workplace was very little, as he reportedly spent the majority of his big day asleep. Either way, this is one attraction that is a must see.

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Rockin in Missouri

Rockin in Missouri


Fanning, Missouri

Set up on April Fool’s Day 2008 outside the United States 66 Outpost and also General Shop. It stands on rockers that are each 31.5 feet long as well as evaluate a heap each. It’s developed of black steel pipeline and was lifted into area by two cranes.

The chair was conceived by station owner Dan Sanazaro as a way to attract clients to his store, which he had opened only 2 months previously. It was created by a regional associate with no official engineering training, and also created by the proprietor of a local welding business. Dan bore in mind a large rocking chair he had actually seen as a kid on a family members trip.  He remembered it well.

At over 40 feet high, The globe’s largest rocking chair not only eclipses Huge John, it stands several feet taller compared to the previous world’s largest chair, currently the globe’s largest workplace chair.

The chair has a flat seat, however it’s just offered for sitting photo ops someday a year, “Photo on Rocker Day,” the first Saturday in August. The Outpost works with a hoist truck to raise people right into the chair.

In order to be accredited by Guinness as the largest rocking chair worldwide,  the chair needed to rock, which it did when initial created. But the multi-ton chair was so distressing moving, and Dan was so anxious that vacationers may flip it over and hurt themselves, that he has it sturdily bonded the chair to its base.

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