Missouri Hotels with Children

Staying in a Missouri hotel with your children can be enough to make any parent a little frazzled. Close quarters with not much to do and people on the other side of the wall can be asking for disaster. In particular, if the kids get upset and bored.

However, it doesn’t have to be that bad. You and your kids can make the best out of hotel travel with a few easy tips.

Before you even get the party started, contact numerous Missouri hotels in and shop for the best price. Many hotels give “kids stay free” weekends. Some have even created this policy for any time of the year, but their busiest times. Also, if your children are older, look into the availability of adjoining rooms. The kids will be close by, but mom and dad can get have privacy too.

Not all MO hotels provide cribs, so be sure to ask.

In addition to staying free, kids can eat free. Continental hot breakfasts, kids’ menus, and time locked specials mean your hotel may offer free food for your little ones.

Most hotels have heated swimming pools. Be sure to carry along swim suits and take advantage of entertainment and exercise you may not be able to get at home. Not only do the kids have fun splashing around, but they’ll sleep well.

In today’s technological world, most hotels have free cable and WiFi, as well as video consoles.  Some travel hotels provide game and book libraries where bored kids can check out games or books.

Depending on the length of time of your hotel stay, think about your family’s need for a kitchen. Some hotels offer rooms with small kitchens, while some don’t.

With some in-depth research, you can make your children’s hotel experience exciting and fun, without annoying everyone else in the hotel.

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Think Small When Selecting a Missouri Hotel

What is it about staying in a big hotel that bothers you? Maybe it’s the impersonal service or the amount of time you have to waste checking in. Perhaps it’s the buffet breakfast that’s been under heating lamps for a while or the fact that your room is similar to every other room you’ve ever stayed in. Large hotels are good for some occasions, but it’s worth your time to look at Missouri boutique hotels to get some pleasure from your stay.

So what is it about small hotels that entices you? If you’ve stayed in a boutique hotel before, then we can make an accurate guess:

The design

Accurately designed hotels are very unlike regular hotels that you see the difference as soon as you come in the door. The furnishings, the artwork, the colors and the flooring all give a message that this hotel has been created for the purpose of making you feel at home.

The attention to detail

The goal of a boutique hotel is to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. The design includes attention to details that enriches your stay. It could be the fact that you can create your own breakfast in the morning or that your clothes are ironed and your laundry cleaned overnight.

It may be the fact that your bedroom terrace opens right onto the beach or the welcome tray that’s in your room on arrival. It’s the little things that make a difference, and boutique hotel owners understand this.

The numbers

The main characteristic of a real boutique hotel is the number of rooms. A lower number of rooms mean that the hotel is devoted to ensuring that your stay is perfect. Too many guests to take care of results in sloppy service, whereas a higher service-to-guest ratio translates to you never have to worry about asking for anything.

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Missouri Super 8 Hotels

Back in the day, Super 8 Hotels were nothing to talk about. But times have changed and they are now up there with the best of the best. Today’s Super 8 Missouri hotels offer a:

Business Center
Dry Cleaning/Laundry Service
Children under 17 can stay free in the hotel rooms with their guardians.
No Pets
Any form of Payment
Free Breakfast
Free WiFi
Swimming Pool

So any person wanting a smooth drive to the super 8 hotels can find themselves in for an exclusive stay. The nice interior decoration and amazing service of the hotels make it a dream place for the residents and travelers. The consistent views of the hotels have really enabled it to be rid of any sort of misshapes. The solid business policy, which we can only admire, making diligent efforts so that the hotel chain can create an embark on the global hotel industry.

The value of the hotels is increased when the travelers have confirmed their stay. The 24-hour service and good behavior of the hotel staff offer the travelers a great stay. The main strategy of their service is to treat travelers as guests, not customers. This has always been the most prolific distinction for the hotel which is embedded on their upward slope of their growing profits. We can only consider the fact that the better the hotel service that is delivered, the higher the probability of its longevity is raised.

To substantiate its value in the market and cement its position, the hotels are ever conscious to carry on with the good work that they are expected to do as an elite hotel in MO. At the same time, the person who would like to put himself for a luxurious stay at a Super 8 has to make sure that he has got his itinerary in check.

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What to Expect in Missouri Hotels That Give a Bit Extra

A boutique hotel will typically provide more services that guests in large chain hotels don’t find.

One of the pleasures of staying in a MO boutique hotel is that a lot of activities can be prepared for you. Countryside retreats offer numerous options within their own grounds, while city and beach hotels have local contacts and can assist you in booking places, tickets, or facilities, often at low rates.


Many people pick to take part in sporting activities while they are on vacation. Some boutique hotels have onsite golf courses, while others have tennis, fishing or horse riding. At beach resorts, you can do water sports, snorkeling and scuba diving. Whether you are a beginner, or you have picked this holiday to indulge in your favorite pursuit, your boutique hotel can assist.


It has become common for hotels to offer spa treatments. It doesn’t matter if the hotel is in a small city or a large one, a spa facility of some sort is very welcomed by guests. Some hotels have their own saunas where you can completely unwind at the end of the day, or stimulate yourself at the beginning of one. Some hotels provide beauty services, so that you can look your best before you step out on the town. There are boutique hotels that are geared to giving you a full spa experience, where the emphasis of your stay is on treatments, sending you away refreshed and relaxed.

Whatever you want to get from your vacation, a boutique hotel can help you to get it. If you want nothing other than peace and quiet, just ask for the paper and your favorite drink and spend the morning on the balcony. Just because all these extras are provided doesn’t mean you have to use them. But it’s great know they’re there.

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Choosing a Hotel in St. Louis, MO

The right hotel can make all the difference

When choosing the right St. Louis, Missouri hotel, you may want to speak with your local travel agent or you may even want to go the internet to see the website for hotels. However, I like to star rate the hotel in Missouri. The more stars they have, the better hotel is. The stars tell you which hotel provides the best choices. The higher the stars, the greater your choice of staff, room, and amenities.

How to look for options in 4-start hotels:
When you are looking for a good hotel in Missouri, you need to determine what and where you want to be, like a historical site or the zoo. Perhaps you would even like to rest near a body of water. Whatever meets your needs will help you decide where to spend time in Missouri. In hotels in Missouri, you have amenities, which include free breakfast and WiFi. If you are on a business trip, this is the perfect hotel for you. Most 4-star hotels in Missouri have restaurant. You also have Missouri hotels near shopping centers, places of interest, etc.

How do I choose the hotels?
Missouri has many four-star hotels to select from, in prices that vary from affordable to expensive. With the help of some of the travel sites, you can get an outstanding reduced price. The rooms provide you a warm and contemporary surrounding.

4-star MO hotels have a restaurant and room service. You can pick rooms, including non-smoking rooms and room that have a living room and kitchenette. All rooms in these hotels have soundproof walls. Some hotels provide babysitting availability. For those who want to venture out and get a few after- dinner drinks, you won’t have to worry about the little ones. The children will be safely and securely waiting for your return.

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What You Will Find at a Boutique Hotel in Missouri

Rooming at a boutique hotel in Missouri is about a lot more than just lodging in a quirky building or having an Amazon Echo in your room. A real hip hotel looks at the total experience a guest can have, whether it’s the toiletries to the quickness of room service. You want to really feel you’ve are getting value for your money.

Several of these hotels put things in the price of your room that everyday hotels don’t and give you access to services that numerous boutique hotels in MO wouldn’t be likely to. It’s these features and services that make boutique hotels a great value for your money.

Technology: boutique hotels service business travelers as well as discriminating holiday makers and so advanced technology is a must, unless your hotel is a real retreat. Thus, expect to find LAN systems, cable/satellite TV, and surround sound music systems. Additionally, some Missouri boutique hotels also make use of keyless entry systems and electronically-controlled curtains or blinds.

Relaxation: many of the boutique hotels offer spa and other relaxation services. Some hotels include full Turkish baths, perfect for winding down at the end of the day, while some incorporate their own signature spa products into their relaxation treatments. Gyms are also part of some hotels, along with pools and jacuzzis, to guarantee there’s no excuse for guests feeling anxious during their stay.

Food: the food is a crucial part of the boutique hotel experience. Although a few boutiques focus on design and don’t provide food other than breakfast, most have invested in sophisticated restaurant and casual dining areas to bring in guests and locals, and then employ creative chefs who use local produce to create classic and contemporary dishes. With clever marketing and flawless cooking, boutique hotel dining can put the hotel on the map and certainly encourages people to book into the hotel.

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How to Find a Cheap Hotel in Missouri

Nobody desires to spend a lot of money on a hotel room when they can get the same amenities in a cheaper hotel. Whether you are going on a business trip or a vacation, you most likely want to get a cheap hotel. You don’t always have to give up quality just to save a few bucks.

Getting a cheap hotel is not as difficult as you think. In fact, the internet provides you with hundreds of cheap hotels. For the most part, you should be able to find a cheap hotel that fits your price range and needs, regardless where you are going. It is possible to save as much as 80%, while still getting great service during your hotel stay.

It is possible to get amazing treatment from cheap Missouri hotels. When looking for a cheap hotel in MO, location is often a top priority. In high tourist areas, several cheap hotels are located within miles of the major points of interest. Numerous cheap hotels are located close to restaurants. Another nice thing about discount hotels is that they are situated near airports. Regardless if you are traveling for business or pleasure, it’s often great to have a hotel near the airport that you will be flying into.

Cheap hotels offer more than just a bed and a hot shower. Discount hotels usually provide amenities like spa services, gift shops, hi-speed Wi-Fi, and swimming pools. Usually, cheap hotels have whirlpools and jacuzzis. Several cheap hotels have recreational activities right on the hotel grounds. The amenities will differ with the various hotels and locations.

Nightlife can be another critical aspect of when searching for a cheap hotel. Lots of cheap hotels will have a nightclub right on site. This is a nice feature that lets guests enjoy some adult time before turning in for the night.

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Want to Drive the Oregon Trail? Start in Arrow Rock, Missouri

Although the real beginning point for the Oregon Trail is Independence, Missouri, Arrow Rock is a better place to begin. Arrow Rock is a small town of at least 100 residents and is much the way it was during the heyday of the Oregon Trail. You’ll get a good taste of the way things were by checking out the tavern and old seminary. One of the oddest attractions is the Calaboose.

Mike & Stephany Webb (Jeramy & Madison) Nancy Webb KC MO msjwebb@earthlink.net

Arrow Rock is home to the much peculiar Calaboose Jail. Constructed of stone, the jail is peculiar because it is for only one person. There isn’t any lobby, no office, nothing. You will find a stone structure with one wooden door.

To get a better feel for Arrow Rock, be sure to visit the Arrow Rock Historic Site center. For where to stay, there are a number of bed and breakfast choices. Campers can lodge at the Arrow Rock Historic Site camping grounds.

In the 1800s, the east coast of the United States had become overpopulated and expensive. To get away, people looked to the opportunities in the west. Over the next years, thousands of people went on a six-month journey to find a better life. Thousands died along the way.

The Oregon Trail begins in Independence, Missouri and flows its way to the Willamette River Valley in Oregon. Follow the trail from start to finish and you’ll go through the states of Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Idaho.

Tracking the Oregon Trail can take about 30 days by car, so Arrow Rock, MO is an ideal place to begin. Just be sure to take in the sights along the way.

Visiting Arrow Rock is like going back into the Wild West. Look to the west and you can get a taste for how the people felt as they began their long journey.

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Budget-Friendly Hotels in Missouri

Like any big city, St. Louis has lots of hotels. When you are looking for the top budget-friendly hotels in St. Louis, think about not only room price per night, but also think about the perks like free hot breakfast, free snacks, free wi-fi, cleanliness, customer service, and location. These top St. Louis, MO budget-friendly hotels provide free breakfast, exceptional customer service, large and clean rooms, and more.

Pear Tree Inn Union Station 

If you are coming to St. Louis to enjoy the sights, the Pear Tree Inn Union Station is a good deal. This luxurious and stylish hotel is well within walking distance to many points of attraction, including Union Station, Busch Stadium, City Museum, the Gateway Arch, and City Garden. It is also near the Metro Link Union Station, so you and yours can visit the St. Louis Zoo or St. Louis Science Center. There are many amenities, like a free hot buffet-style breakfast. At 5:30 p.m., take pleasure in free wine, mixed drinks, and beer. There is also free wireless internet, free local calls and free premium channels on the flat-panel TVs in every room. Additionally, there’s a 24-hour workout room, indoor pool, and whirlpool. Free coffee and soft drinks are available in the lobby all day, every day.

Hampton Inn St. Louis-Airport

Located near Lambert Airport off highway 70, Hampton Inn is just under 15 miles from the Gateway Arch. Hampton Inn has free breakfast, free parking, an outdoor pool, exercise room, as well as free shuttle service to and from Lambert Airport. At the airport, you can safely ride the St. Louis Metro Link to access all the downtown St. Louis attractions. The rooms are clean and big. Parents will love the free beverage bar in the lobby, as well as the free cribs and high chairs.

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Pet Friendly Missouri Hotels/Motels

If you are going on vacation these days, you don’t have to leave your furry family member at home or try to find pet lodging for him/her. Pet-friendly hotels and dog-friendly motels In Missouri aren’t as hard to find as you might think. Even though numerous hotels still don’t allow any pets in their rooms, there’re are a huge number that do. Lots of times, there isn’t any extra charge for accommodating your furry friend, but there are times you’ll be asked to pay a little fee typically ranging anywhere from $5 – $50. Pet hotels and motels are a very good idea for those who love to travel and not have to deal with the pain of leaving their pet in the care of friends, family or pricey pet boarding.

There are numerous options for pet accommodations you can pick from when travelling, such as MO pet friendly motels, pet hotels, resorts and vacation rentals. You might be charged a small fee, and other times, you may be required to pay a deposit, which would be given back if your pet doesn’t do any damage. It is also likely for you to find many dog friendly hotels in Missouri that will offer veterinary services and pet care items, including beds and blankets.

We offer this information to give pet owners helpful information in hopes of easing travel with your pet. Pet friendly motels and dog friendly Missouri hotels all have various rules and policies regarding pet accommodation, so it’s a solid idea to acquaint yourself with them before checking into any pet hotels. It is, at times. difficult to ask friends and family to take care of your pet while you travel, as it can be an added burden. We hope we have given you some simple stress-free solutions for traveling in Missouri with your pet.

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